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Stylish retro storage jar with the now famous ‘funky fish’ motifs.  Comes complete with air-tight lid so all your favourite biscuits stay fresh... or whatever you use it for.  No two jars are identical.  Red and yellow designs to follow during 2022.


This design is dishwasher and microwave safe but remove the air-tight seal BEFORE using in either.

Funky Blue Fish - Storage Jar

  • Our designs are microwave and dishwasher safe – except gilded items which have a metallic finish. Each individual design description will confirm this information. Whilst Blue Artemis bone china is a robust product, we recommend using low temperatures and liquid detergents when washing, or alternatively washing by hand and drying with a soft cloth. Blue Artemis china is unsuitable for oven and freezer use.


    Each piece is meticulously collaged by hand using motifs from an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary original transfers.  This means no two pieces will be identical and even when you select from a defined collection, there will always be minor variations from the images shown on the website. This is what makes Blue Artemis china distinct and truly unique.

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