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Welcome to my World


This is a story of what you do with yourself when you finally acknowledge that being a prisoner of depression and acute anxiety is no longer a viable, or credible, option in life.  Mental wellbeing is not a given and finding myself in a spiral of despair led me back to college as a mature student where I rediscovered the joys of sketchbooks, telling visual stories and experimenting with colour, pattern and all things resolutely arty.  It hasn’t been a straight line out of the mire and, like so many who attempt the journey, it is fraught with setbacks and obstacles… sometimes unintentionally self-inflicted.


But here we are!  A fledgling business that's turned in an actual cottage industry rising out of the ashes of anguish and a reconnection with people, the art of enquiry and the sheer lust for life that being creative can give one.  Baby steps are the order of the day but growing confidence comes from trying new things.  All you see on this website are the creations of a curious mind once again believing in the maxim… “I can do this”.


                 Mark aka Blue Artemis

                 March 2021... and onwards

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