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Green Credentials

Sustainability is a hard act to pull off but we’re making genuine efforts to move towards a greener business


​So far we’re doing the following:

Our fine bone china is made in Stoke-on-Trent, England and the decorative patterns are unique compositions developed and made in deepest Somerset.  This reduces our carbon footprint and helps support British-made industries.


Free newspapers proliferate so we gather them from neighbours and recycle as wrapping material.


We use only acid-free recycled carrier bags when necessary.  If you already have a bag with you we'd prefer you use that and save us providing one.


Postage orders are sent using recycled cardboard boxes so don't be surprised to see rubbed out information from a previous consignment.


Tapes are kept to a minimum... just enough to secure a purchase and get it safely to you.


We tend to concentrate our shows within Somerset and surrounding counties thus reducing the need to use expensive transport more than is absolutely necessary and seek outlets within our area who can support and promote our business through theirs.


​​And finally... creating bone china is not a totally clean process we'd be the first to admit but our partners go to great lengths to minimise the downsides.  However, unlike plastic, our wares have an enduring quality which makes them treasured possessions beyond the immediate present and they'll be around to be enjoyed for decades to come.  They might end up on The Antiques Roadshow one day.  Well, we can all dream...

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