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A Personal Philosophy

As the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon opposite illustrates, this is an area fraught with intellectual pomposity and the desire to explain the sometimes inexplicable.  I will attempt to avoid the former and keep the latter brief.


My current artistic experiments are the pinnacle – the tip of the iceberg if you will – of over forty years of trial and tribulation in the quest for artistic expression.  I didn’t choose ‘Art’… it chose me.  The relationship hasn’t always been an easy one but through various guises and a ten-year tenure as Head of Department in an Art School I have come to an accommodation with my muse and its foibles.  A recurrent theme, which spookily mirrors my own life, is the act of deconstruction and reassembly. 


I’m aided and abetted in this by maintaining a one-a-day sketch/artistic statement - a mental process which sometimes creates a worthwhile direction for future development and sometimes serves as a statement of being… not always favourable but when viewed in hindsight an interesting read nevertheless.


Within this website are the results of this act of taking imagery apart and sticking them back together again, albeit in unconventional and highly personal ways.  The process is informed by the maxim: ‘what happens if I do this’.  It’s been a life long quest which shows no sign or abatement or conclusion… and for that I am eternally grateful to the universe.

I make unique designs on a range of fine bone china pieces


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