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A Roving Eye

This carousel gallery shows where some formative ideas first see light of day.  Ideas try out, thoughts worth saving get logged and the first tentative mark making explorations begin.  Sketchbooks play an important part in the evolution of a concept alongside digital explorations and collage mashups.  There is no sequential format here…what you see is what you get.  Page formats vary from A3 to A6 depending on what I’m working on, what sketchbook comes to hand and what detail I need to explore.  This will be periodically updated.

001 A6 Sketchbook series 01
029 Briar Moon VI
002 Autumn Study I
003 Chinoiserie Collage XII
004 Daffodil Study III
005 Alliteration Study
006 A6 Sketchbook series 04
007 Lustre Rainbow Roses XII
008 Celtic Knot
009 Ceramic Path Sequence
010 Sea Shells I - v1.3
011 Daffodil Study I
012 Sketchbook study - Shell Towers
013 When Worlds Collide
014 Tulip&Rose Double Head
015 A6 Sketchbook series 03
016 Holburne Museum study
017 Oil & Water
018 Veneer Chestnut Motif
019 Farm Buildings
020 A6 Sketchbook series 05
021 Daffodil Study II
022 Chinese Cube XIV
023 A6 Sketchbook series 02
024 Autumn Study II
025 Tulip III
026 Blackberry Bramble study
027 Clarity verses Impression
028 Chinoiserie VIII - v8

Blue Artemis fine bone china artisan designer

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